Dollhouse Scale

If you are new to the dollhouse hobby,
here is a little information on the scale or sizes used.
First the most popular size dollhouse scale is 1:12.
Some scales are given as a ratio, 1:12 or a fraction 1/12.

This means 1:12 scale is 1 inch equals 1 foot of actual size.
So keep this in mind when looking for dolls
or furniture for your dollhouse.

Dollhouses are available in other scales
such as the 1/2" scale or 1/4" scale.
For example a 6 foot fiqure in real life would be 6 inches in 1:12 or 1" scale.
The same figure would be 3 inches in 1/2" scale and 1 1/2 inches in 1/4" scale.

A larger scale is
1:6 or Playscale. For every life-size foot, these miniatures are 2 inches.

For smaller sizes...
Model railroading sometimes uses G scale which is close to 1:24 or 1/2 dollhouse scale.

HO scale is 1/87 scale,
As you see there are many diffferent sizes.
Dollhouses come as small as 1/144 scale.

If you venture into other miniature projects like trains, railroads, small villages and toys
the miniature scales below may be some help.

The most popular train set size is H0 scale (1:87)
and second is N scale (1:160).
A few comparisons sometimes help me get my head around the numbers.
HO scale 3.5 millimeters equal 1 foot.
N and Z scales are smaller than HO
HO scale is by nature more delicate than 0 scale

HO scale (1:87), N scale (1:160), and O scale (1:43).
Have you seen some of the model ships?
Prestige scale for boats is 1:72, producing huge models.
Wood construction kits are offered in the traditional
shipyard scales of 1:96, 1:108, or 1:192 (half of 1:96)

Comparing scales
Phrases used are those of "larger" and "smaller" scales.
The scale of 1/8"-to-the-foot is a larger scale than 1/16"-to-the-foot, even though the denominator is smaller.
So a larger model is made to a larger scale.
You can remember this in that a full-size, or full-scale, model is larger than a half-size model.

25 mm scale (popular in historical and fantasy wargaming) refers to 1:72 scale,
whilst the 15 mm scale (nowadays the most popular scale in ancient, medieval and Renaissance wargaming) refers to 1:120 scale
(Many manufacturers refer to 15 mm as 1:100 scale).
Likewise, 50 mm scale is the same as 1:35 military model scale,
and 5 mm equals 1:350 naval scale.

Confused yet?

Miniature Scales

The following table lists the various scales used in WarGaming.
Both the ratio and size (mm) will be listed, for reference:

Ratio Scale Gaming System Height Scale
1/2400 Naval miniatures 0.67mm
1/1200 Naval miniatures (this is big!) 1.34mm
1/300 Hostile Aircraft (also uses 1/285 which is similar) 5.4mm
1/285 Hostile Aircraft (as above) 5.6mm
1/268 Napoleonics, WWI, WWII 6mm
1/220 Z Scale (model railroad scale) 7mm
1/160 N Scale (model railroad scale) 10.06mm
1/144 Canvas Eagles (smaller scale), and WWII fighters 11.2mm
1/107 Standard size for Napoleonics 15mm
1/100 Command Decision (WWII) 16.1mm
1/87 HO Scale (Half 'O' scale) - 1/87.5 18.5mm
1/80.5 Skirmish level games 20mm
1/76 OO Scale (British model railroad scale) 21.2mm
1/72 Canvas Eagles 22.4mm
1/64 Fantasy gaming and skirmish level systems 25mm
1/58 "Big" 25mm figures 28mm
1/30 Used mostly for display purposes 54mm
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